Informal shops at Walvis Bay Walvis


In accordance with Government’s attempts the ERC was determined to keep to development targets as set out in the Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012 on track with special focus on the strategic theme of Socio-Economic Development.

This theme focuses on uplifting the standard of living within the region by focusing on the following objectives:

1.      Ensuring regional and rural economic development

During the 2001/2011-period the ERC stimulated regional and rural economic development via continuation of development projects and the commencement of new projects such as the construction of the Walvis Bay Rural Constituency Office.

2.      Creating employment opportunities

The support to Small and Medium enterprises through awarding tenders to local small contractors such as the Fencing of Sewerage Ponds especially contributed towards reaching this objective during the 2009/10 year.

3.      Improving infrastructure: Infrastructure to deliver basic      services to rural areas remains a priority for the ERC

The Water Reticulation and Rural Electrification Projects at Spitzkoppe and Ozondati, which commenced the previous year, were completed during 2010/2011.

4.      Coordinate training of community members in entrepreneurial skills

Supporting and training the Development Committees in the region enhanced the identification of community development needs in the region.

5.      Educate the community with regard to the prevalence of   HIV/Aids and TB cases

The prevalence of HIV/Aids and TB cases is a constant concern for the ERC. The focus this year was on the efforts of the District Aids Committees to mobilise the communities to curb the spread.

Changes also come in the form of challenges. One of the major challenges in the year was Uis in the Dâures Constituency being downgraded from a village to a settlement.  This gave way to a long and continuous process to transform financial and human resources to fit into the context of a settlement.

However, with strong leadership skills and experience gained from administrating other settlements in our region the objective was to not only continue services rendered, but also to improve services to the residents. The Council continues to rely on the support, goodwill and cooperation of the residents of Uis, to create an environment conducive to the efficient administration of Uis Settlement in the years to come.

With a regional office in Swakopmund and sub-offices in Walvis Bay and Omaruru, the execution of the delegated maintenance functions were streamlined more and the response times regarding maintenance requests reduced significantly.