People of Erongo

Dâures Constituency

The Dâures Constituency is the largest constituency in the Erongo Region with an area of 13,490 km2. It has a population of approximately 12000 of which the majority depend on communal subsistence farming for their livelihood. The name Dâures is derived from the Khoe Khoegowab name of the Brandberg mountain which is the highest in Namibia.

The constituency office is in Okombahe, with additional settlement offices in Uis and Okombahe (See contacts). Omatjete, Tubusis and Okongue are other rural residential clusters in the arandis.

1.      Possibilities for economic development and investment

  • Mining opportunities regarding tin and tantalite at Uis
  • Gold exploration
  • The many specimens of Fauna and Flora, the Brandberg mountain and other beautiful scenery  like the dessert elephants along Ugab river makes this constituency very attractive for tourists and many opportunities still exist in the hospitality industry to cater for them. Local inhabitants capitalize on this tourism opportunity to compliment the income lost during times of drought.
  • Farming and agricultural possibilities

2.    Challenges regarding Health, Education and Development

  • Upgrading of Omatjete/Uis and Okombahe clinics to he