Success Factors

NamPort plays an integral role in the success factors of greater Erongo.

For the Erongo Regional Council (ERC) to implement its Strategic Plan 2012 – 2017 successfully, it needs to attend and adhere to the following critical success factors.

1.      Leadership, Commitment and Ownership

In order to achieve what is set out in this Strategic Plan, the ERC)needs to inspire, motivate and develop its people and make them feel valued. This requires special leadership qualities. Through creating a firm but fair leadership style, focusing on developing mutual trust, shared beliefs and strong relations, staff members in return will show commitment and ownership towards the role they play in the success of ERC.

2.      Teamwork

The ERC needs to create a work culture that values collaboration. An environment in which management and staff understand and believe that planning, decision making and actions are more effective when done   cooperatively. Management and staff  should recognise and even assimilate the belief that “none of them is as good as all of them”. One of the reasons for encouraging teamwork in the implementation of strategic plan is to enable organisation to do so much more. Therefore, effective teamwork can produce incredible results but requires hard work and dedication.

3.      Effective Communication

It is imperative for the success of this Strategic Plan that managers are able to communicate their ideas clearly, so that staff members clearly know what is required of them to execute their tasks correspondingly. A good style of management is required as well as a positive approach to communicate in order to ensure that staff members and supervisors understand each other, and are more effective when carying out their tasks.

4.      Good Stakeholder Relations

It is vital for ERC to develop and maintain strong relationships with their key  stakeholders  as  it improves the chances that relationships will continue and facilitate the realization of the dream of the ERC.

5.      Alignment to the Budget

To achieve the intended results the ERC needs to estimate the cost/resource requirements for the implementation of the strategic initiatives. Resources allocation should be aligned so as to ensure the achievement of maximum results with the minimum of expenditure. The focus should be on strategic outcomes/impact and customer benefits. The individual cost estimate of initiatives needs to be consolidated to determine the total cost which will inform and linked to the budget.

6.      Training and Development

ERC needs to assess its staff member’s skills in order to provide the necessary training required. This will increase job knowledge and skills of staff members at each level, improve the morale of the work force, increase productivity to achieve the ERC’s Strategic Objectives and Goals.

7.      Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and Evaluation need to be conducted quarterly  in order to review the performance required by the Strategic Plan. This requires a systematic assessment to provide useful feedback.

9.      Performance Management System

The ERC should oversee the roll-out of the Performance Management System (PMS) that will help it to manage performance. Annual Plan and Performance Agreements (PAs) need to be developed and signed by the Management, in addition, staff members. Personal Development Plans need to be assessed quarterly to encourage continuous improvement.