Walvis Bay Harbour
Walvis Bay is Namibia's largest commercial port, receiving approximately 3,000 vessel calls each year and handling about 5 million tonnes of cargo
Swakopmund Jetty
Visitors to Swakopmund will once again be able to stroll along the entire length of the iconic Swakopmund Jetty
Rössing Uranium Mine
The Rössing Uranium Mine in Namibia is one of the largest open pit uranium mines in the world and is located in the Namib Desert near the town of Arandis
The Swakopmund lighthouse
The Swakopmund lighthouse was built in its present location in 1903 after the original lighthouse at the Mole was washed away in a storm. The present lighthouse stands 11m tall and continues to operate.
Long Beach
Longbeach is situated about halfway along the coastal road between Walvis Bay and Swakopmund

Portal to economic growth in Namibia

As if intended by nature, the Central-western Plains of Namibia have been carved out over millennia, now to serve as the perfect gateway for socio-economic development in the Erongo Region and beyond.

Covering most of this vast and naturally endowed area, the Erongo Region is taking rapid and giant strides towards establishing itself as Namibia’s new hub for economic growth. This is being emphasised by the region accommodating all the country’s uranium mines as well as mines producing commodities such as gold, marble, granite, sea salt and gem stones.

The rich Benguela Current in the Atlantic Ocean provides for a thriving fishing and processing industry while the continental shelf off its coast keeps the promise of large reserves of natural oil and gas to be explored. At its port city of Walvis Bay the most important sea, air and road routes converge, facilitating national, regional and international trade.

With its tourism industry growing at a fast rate and agriculture at its hinterland serving as the main livelihood there, the Erongo Region offers a diverse portfolio of economic activities and resources.

The most important centres are well connected by excellent roads with its communication, water and electricity infrastructure being of world standard. Strong safeguards ensure the conservation of the region’s biodiversity and sustainable development in harmony with nature.

As one of the Republic of Namibia’s 14 political regions and with a population of 140 000

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